Sexy girls with sexy feet

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Muk 2 years ago
This is just my opinion as a woman, but that group of women probably did give you some clues you were not taking notice of, several times. That's why someone had to bluntly tell you the R. Kelly comment. It would have been best to diffuse the situation by just leaving the group alone, instead of letting anger justify your reason for staying. I can almost feel their palpable discomfort. You were a stranger that injected himself into a group of women who obviously did not feel comfortable having you there, your buddy noticed this earlier. I don't know if you were drinking, but your judgement was off. Just listen to your wingman and find some other group of women that will truly appreciate your company.
Dougore 2 years ago
How is it going ? You close to AZ?
Kigalkis 2 years ago
By crash you mean a game, or a big game market downfall?
Vukora 2 years ago
This lady is like live act anime porn 3
Mirisar 2 years ago
I'm in Michigan and I would love to fuck you.

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