Condoms and premature eyaculation



Sarg 4 months ago
I like your style I’d love to send u some pics
Kajirisar 4 months ago
Oh fuck me please ,that's almost everything that I want, I would smooch the ladies at the end too
Takora 4 months ago
All the ladies are named at the introduction part.
Vudozahn 4 months ago
I had a fantasy I ran Atlanta, and I was on every radio station. And 107.9 was 97.5 again. And they toyed me at Golden Slide on Friday. And they toyed me real noisy on the street, we drive up Memorial Drive, up Wesley Chapel. I reopen 112, and Jazzy T's. I'd bring back Turner Field. I fire all the cops in Cobb county. Chick-Fil-A will be open on Sundays. I bring back LaFace Records, Freaknik. Kilo Ali, Lou. I got J.R. Crickets some Spelman ladies with big booties. I reopen SciTrek, strippers will
Doktilar 4 months ago
Signed on, clicked on this movie, made it about 4 mins in before I came.

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